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First Resource Management Group Inc. is a contract resource management company that provides sustainable forest management services on behalf of forest tenure holders for sustainable benefits and use, and remotely sensed forest inventory data through our SkyForest TM technology. Currently we are managing forests in Ontario, Canada. We are a growth oriented-company that can serve tenure holders across Canada, on both private and public land.

We recognize and work to sustain the diversity of benefits that forests provide to society  and to the environment. We discuss forest issues with the public and engage First Nations peoples throughout the forest management planning process.

Independent government mandated auditors have recognized forests we have managed as being “exceptionally well managed.” We are experts at monitoring and assessing forest management outcomes.

Traditional forest-industry tenure holders have benefited from our planning expertise through improved harvest opportunities and reduced delivered wood costs.  We can apply our experience and expertise in forest tenure amalgamation and consolidation to quickly and seamlessly take on the management responsibilities for tenure holders.

Forest tenure holders need forest management plans developed on time and at low cost. They need sustainable and cost-effective long term benefits from the forest. They want to manage risks to the environment, and to health and safety. FRMG is there to help them achieve these goals.


Beyond the Stump

Click here to see our video “Beyond the Stump,” which shows forest management activities that contribute to providing a range of economic, social and ecological benefits associated with boreal forest sustainablity in Ontario, Canada.