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FRMG Email Service Disruption:

In early August FRMG was subjected to a phishing cyber attack on our email system. It is now under control with a new email provider. This caused a disruption for several days to our email services. We may not have received emails from our valuable customers and other business partners during that time. Please ensure that your malware is up to date, and carefully check emails that appear to be from FRMG to be sure that they actually are our email addresses.


FRMG Response to COVID-19:

To our valued customers, suppliers and other business associates. We are continuing to operate at full strength.
In response to the COVID-19 crisis our staff are currently working from home. Some offices have skeleton staffing. We are well set up for remote work and teleconferencing and would be happy to meet with you electronically. We request that you do not come to our offices without making an appointment first. If it is necessary to meet in person, we will try and accommodate an appointment with you if you are feeling well, and have not had contact with anyone suspected of COVID-19 infection or been out of the country in the last two weeks.
On arrival at any of our offices, please follow the sanitation instructions we have posted at the entrance.

This is a difficult time for everyone. We are committed to safeguarding you, our customers and suppliers, as well as protecting our FRMG staff and families. Our best wishes for your health and safety.

Kind regards, FRMG Management