First Resource Management Group Inc. manages forests to produce carbon offsets by incrementally increasing biomass and carbon content.  We use silvicultural and sustainable forest management techniques to increase carbon storage and sequestration, leading to verifiable and validated carbon credits by standards such as VCS, CCBA or others.

FRMG was a joint-venture partner in the Ontario Boreal Afforestation Project, which developed 77,000 tons of carbon offsets for the voluntary market. The partnership, Forest Carbon Alliance Inc., provided owners of fallow or marginal farm property with natural, ecologically diverse and productive forests–at no cost to landowners while generating carbon offsets from the planted trees.

Many years ago, the Claybelt area of Northeast Ontario had thriving stands of boreal forest. Settlers cleared much of the land and farmed it. Some stopped farming about a half a century ago and the fields have been fallow since.  We can undertake projects on these lands to renew the boreal forest, generate carbon credits and restore biodiversity.  The land is prepared, planted and cared for to achieve maximum ecological integrity. These new forest ecosystems are protected by rigorous legal documentation and due diligence. We involve local communities, groups, First Nations and associations to broaden the benefits of the forest to society.


Fallow claybelt farmland for afforestation.

Fallow clay belt farmland for afforestation.

Seedlings at nursery

Seedlings growing at one of our nurseries.


A fallow farm field ready for planting.


A young tree planter on the OBAP project.

Seedlings in truck

A truckload of seedlings is offloaded by project workers for one of our OBAP planting sites.