Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

First Resource Management Group Inc. (FRMG) is committed to the continued health of the forests in our care and the health and safety of the people who work in them. By operating in a safe, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective manner, we can improve the competitive advantage of our customers and the prosperity of the communities that depend on the long term sustainability of these forests.

  1. FRMG is committed to complying with occupational health and safety, environmental and forestry laws and regulations and other standards to which we subscribe.
  2. FRMG is committed to working with our clients, contractors and suppliers to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance and to conform to leading-edge forest management practices and standards.
  3. Working safely, sustaining the forest environment and preventing pollution are conditions of working for FRMG.
  4. FRMG is committed to responsible corporate citizenship and operating with integrity in the communities in which we do business. We will facilitate an open and honest dialogue with the general public in regards to ongoing forest management activities.
  5. FRMG contractors are responsible for the health and safety of all persons working under their supervision or under contract to them, for protecting the forest environment and complying with health, safety and environmental legislation on their operations.
  6. FRMG contractors must implement and maintain a health, safety and environmental policy and management system.
  7. FRMG conducts periodic inspections of FRMG contractor operations and will issue stop work orders to contractors who do not comply with health, safety and environmental standards and regulations.
  8. FRMG contractors must promptly report all significant incidents, including near misses, to FRMG.

May 23, 2019

Philip Green, Chairman and CEO
Allan Foley, R.F.P., President and COO