Forest Management Services

The FRMG value proposition

Our value proposition to our clients is to generate a sustainable harvest opportunity at the lowest cost.  We focus on getting the right wood to the right mill at the right cost.

  • As forest professionals we work for you, providing disinterested advice for a fee, without the expectation of other business gain.
  • By managing several forests simultaneously, FRMG has strong bench strength and can provide economies of scale.
  • FRMG has developed, grown and excelled its approach to sustainable forest management because this has been our core business for more than 15 years, and we continue to invest in it.

We can apply our experience and expertise in forest tenure amalgamation and consolidation to quickly and seamlessly take on the management responsibilities for tenure holders.

As part of this approach we have also developed the patent-pending SkyForest TM technology, a cost-effective, near real-time tool to deliver forest inventory data.


FRMG is a contract forest manager for forest tenure holders.  Our priority for forest tenure holders is to sustainably manage forests on their behalf, be they public or private forests.

The Ontario government has enacted legislation to encourage the development of Enhanced Shareholder SFLs (or G-2 Co-ops) and to encourage a more collective and inclusive approach to forest management. For forest co-ops we focus on:

  1. Protecting investment in assets and reducing costs through effective forest management planning
  2. Delivering a cost-effective silvicultural program
  3. Managing environmental, health and safety risk
  4. Providing transparent, impartial and high quality service to all co-op shareholders
  5. Ensuring local influence and presence on the forest

Our commitment is to provide our clients with high quality, open-door service to meet these objectives.

Currently we have contracts to provide sustainable forest management services on 3 million hectares of crown woodlands in Northeastern Ontario on behalf of forest industry Sustainable Forest Licence Holders.

Benefits to forest tenure holders

Tenure holders will benefit in several important ways by working with First Resource Management Group. By completing forest management planning and process requirements on their behalf, we help them:

  • Focus on operating their supply chains more efficiently.
  • Achieve uninterrupted access to economic wood supply.
  • Communicate their forest management practices to the public and Ministry of Natural Resources.