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Automated stand delineation

SkyForest™  can automatically and very quickly delineate forest stands from SkyForest™  data to create  “SkyStands.”  We can classify SkyStands whichever way best suits your needs. For example, for harvest planning, SkyStands can be classified according to species mix, volume, canopy height and terrain into dozens of classes to make it easier for you to find the timber best suited to your needs.  Total softwood and hardwood volume can be calculated for each polygon or each class of polygons. The SkyStands classifications are based on customer mill requirements—providing a customized map product designed for your mill.  We can also classify SkyStands for ecological purposes, for example, according to habitat requirements for certain species.

The polygons will tell you where you can operate and how much timber you can expect. This will help you reduce your logging costs and make informed operational decisions. You will be able to develop harvesting plans that line up with mill demand. The SkyForest™ data terrain data can help you reduce time and cost to align access roads.

For those developing forest inventories that must meet government specification, SkyStands are a fast, effective and reproducible way to create stand boundaries.

The map below shows SkyStands overlaid on the The SkyForest™ percent softwood basal area data.

SF_SkyStands_PSBA_20190620The map below shows the same SkyStands. We added a canopy height “hillshade” effect to illustrate how SkyStands delineates forest stands.

SkyStands with canopy heights

SkyStands with canopy height hill shade

The map below shows SkyStands overlaid on ArcGIS Basemap Imagery.